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Welcome to my web site.

I am Brent Millikan and I love what I do.

Simply stated I use my knowledge to positively change the lives of my clients. I am an accountant, speaker, teacher, and a coach whose mission in life is to help my clients reach their financial goals and objectives by creating a clear vision of their current financial position and then assisting them in the development of a success plan to implement their goals on a day by day basis to help them reach their dreams.

About Brent Millikan Clientele
Having served businesses across the U.S for over forty years, I have built a strong reputation for being a results oriented leader in my profession with sought after expertise. I believe that your CPA should be your most trusted advisor. Most of my clientele consists of high net worth clients with business relationships that has lasted for decades. I am ready to be the connecting point for moving you and your business forward to new levels of success. I have a proven record of doing just that!

Brent Millikan History
I have a history of pushing myself to be the best I can be both in sports and in the class room. I graduated from Florida State University as one of the top accounting graduates and went to work out of college for a large international CPA firm. In 1975 I started a CPA firm in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, from scratch and built this firm from nothing to a $3,000,000 firm at its peak. In 2013, I and our team sold this firm. After a transition period with the buying CPA firm, I created a new CPA firm designed to assist high net worth clients and other CPA firms in dealing with highly sophisticated tax, business, and management issues. My objective is to empower my clients to reach their fullest potential.
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Brent Millikan, CPA is an organization based in New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach, FL
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