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The key to my four decades of success has been my tax and business planning skills and the creative tools I have developed to implement innovative tax planning and business concepts. My tax planning objective is to successfully and legally reduce your tax liability. I have successfully done this for thousands of clients and I have a dedicated group of high net worth clients that have used my services for decades. I have a proven forty-year history of successfully representing clients of all sizes and structures in front of the IRS and many other States tax audit agencies. My experience of representing clients in these types of disputes cannot be overstated.

Purchase / Sale of a business.

For most individuals, the sale and purchase of a business is a once in a life time transaction and it very well may be the most important financial transaction of your life. I have developed unique skills to assist either the buyer or the seller as the result of my extensive experience in this area and my training that has resulted in me obtaining the designation of Board Certification in Business Valuation (BCBA). I have been involved in hundreds of business sale and purchase from the small family business to transactions with large publicly traded companies. My expertise in this area has been used across U.S.

Succession planning.

Over my forty-year career I have successfully implemented many business succession plans for my high net worth clients and their related businesses. I know that succession planning not only involves a strong knowledge of the tax law, it also involves a full understanding of the family relationships and emotions.

Estate planning.

Estate planning can be complicate and costly. I have done hundreds of plans and I use my experience to keep the plans as simple as possible with the maximum estate tax savings.

Bank financing.

In my career, I have served on three different bank board of directors, served on a bank loan committee, and I know what the bank needs to make a loan decision. Making the proper loan presentation can make or break a business and I can be an important member of your team when it comes time to getting the needed funds to run your business.

New business formation.

I have over forty years of experience in getting business off to the right start. I have been involved in many businesses that started with nothing that are now multi- million dollar very successful businesses.

Personal financial planning.

This is a part of the life time service provided by me to my clients. I have obtained the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential from the American Institute of CPA’s. I use this knowledge to assist clients in setting retirement goals and saving objective, planning for children college education, life insurance needs, disability planning, and properly planning for financial security and asset protection.
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Brent Millikan, CPA is an organization based in New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach, FL
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